Data Blueprint


This document shows how to architect a digital edge that balances protection and accessibility, governs data movement and placement, and localizes data requirements as needed.

Your situation

You need to remain in control of the data at all times.  You are concerned with data and performance control.  You need an architecture that includes virtualized data interfaces, data layers and sovereignty, and privacy, provenance, and governance.

Capabilities include: 

  • Secure data traffic with traceability
  • Optimized data placement for performance
  • Multicloud application workloads have secure low latency access to data
  • Reduced cloud ingress/egress costs
  • Easily adapt to regulatory change
  • Minimized risk of data loss, data leakage and data theft without compromising accessibility
  • Store petabytes of data across multiple locations, with a single global namespace — cost effectively
  • Cloud agnostic data services with secure multicloud access


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