Security Blueprint


This document provides you with the steps needed to secure the digital edge for multi-cloud application and data flows that service people, employees and partners across multiple networks.

Your situation

Your business stakeholders are concerned with ensuring the enterprise can dynamically adapt to new business flows and models.  This requires a digital edge network that controls all cloud services, supports defense-in-depth, secure communications, reluctance-to-trust, service authentication, and principal propagation.

Capabilities include: 

  • Localized security and secured communications at the edge
  • Fine-grained controls in place for Data and Application layers
  • Control use of all cloud services
  • Capabilities scale with cloud service augmentation in any or all regions
  • Low-latency attributes of the node design enable real-time capabilities that were otherwise impractical
  • Security and risk are business enablers not barriers
  • Gain visibility into unsanctioned cloud consumption and apply real-time policy controls
  • Gain deep packet inspection capability for cloud and SaaS services
  • Apply existing security tools and controls against cloud services


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